Dons' Hives

In 2014 we will be building 15 new bee hives using a design developed by Don Studinski.

Dons' HivesThese hives are simpler to build than the Warre's we have been building and we can use commercially produced frames because the dimensions are those of a standard Langstroth medium box:  6 5/8 X 13 3/4 X 19 7/8.

We are going with 8 frame mediums because they are small enough to be handled when full of honey.  We are using a top entrance, based on the experience of Michael Bush who believes it makes it easier for the bees to regulate hive temperatures.  It also makes the bottom board really simple.

As always, our goal is design for ease of construction and using readily available materials efficiently.  The number of hives we will build is determined by the pieces we can cut from 8 sheets of 4X8 plywood leaving almost no waste.

Following are the step by step instructions:




Materials List

Laying Out the Cuts

Cutting strips for Box Ends and Box Sides

Cut Ends and Sides to size

Routing Box Ends

Assembling Boxes

Assembling Frames

Cutting Pieces to make Tops and Bottom Boards

Adding a bee space and door to the top

Make a 15th Hive from the remainder pieces

Making Handles